Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Send waffles - stat!

I have no energy today. (I think the godsawful early meeting had something to do with that - messed up my body's clock good and proper.) I have to add my newest colors to the gallery, add writeups for the colors I've used in the past week (or add my thoughts to the existing writeups), amend a review, go follow various blogs using this user ID, AND THEN of course there's all the other stuff I have to do that's completely and totally unrelated to the site. (Oh yes, and communicate with an MMU vendor that has a problem getting orders out in anything vaguely approaching a timely fashion, about me placing an order and physically going to their other place of business to pick up said order because otherwise it will never be filled.)

Days like today were made for cinnamon waffles and cocoa, a pile of movies and a fireplace, and snuggle-happy cats. I have cocoa, I have DVDs, and I have a fireplace (gas fireplace - no cleanup, yay.) But I have no energy to go out and get cinnamon waffles.

Somebody send me cinnamon waffles?

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